What to Expect in a Dental Exam

It bears repeating: brushing and flossing are the best dental health tips we can offer. But nobody's perfect and even if you were, bacteria would still build up on your teeth. Regular professional cleaning appointments remove plaque, a bacteria biofilm, and tartar, also called calculus, which is a harder, mineralized bacteria.

One of the key differences between our office and many other Houston dental offices is that we don't rush our patients through exams and cleaning appointments. 

Sure, dental exams and cleanings are sort of routine, but every patient is unique. Also, the same patient can have very different dental issues from one appointment to the next. We don't rush dental exams because our patients trust us to take their dental health seriously. And we do.

SRP: Scaling and Root Planing (Deeper Cleaning)

Scaling and Root Planing is a specialized, careful cleaning for patients with gum disease. SRP is necessary if you have "pockets" or areas with deep receding along your gum line. Bleeding gums are the primary symptom; but there's good news - regular, proper treatment can reduce the pocket size and your gums can get back to a healthier state with careful hygiene. 

A professional dental hygienist performs SRP to remove tartar and other bacteria that can easily damage the tooth's root because the gum has eroded from its healthy level along the teeth. Having SRP cleaning when necessary can help prevent the need for a root canal, reduce the damage from gum disease, and ultimately save you from tooth loss or extraction.

Take Your Time Taking Care of Your Teeth

Another reason we don't rush our patients: your dental examination can reveal clues about your overall health and may give you an advance warning about potential health problems in time to prevent them. We know our patients and keep careful, thorough notes about each one. We know our patients trust us and rely on us to help them stay healthy.