The Answer: A Team Approach

Steve Koo, D.D.S. and Thomas Weil, D.D.S.

Piney Point Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery


Implant restoration of single teeth, multiple teeth or the whole mouth requires a team approach.  One thing that we have learned in the long collaboration between our offices is that when it comes to dental implants creating the ultimate success requires a team approach.  General dentists often rely on the experience and extensive training of specialists when it comes to particular tasks such as implant placement.  Dr. Tollett and Dr. Bahm have learned that the key to mastery in making implant-supported crowns, bridges and overdentures is implant placement.  At Piney Point Oral Surgery, our specialty and expertise allow for proper development of the implant site and the surgical placement of the dental implant in the right position and at the right time.  Successful collaboration is key to achieving a great result.  Before the treatment plan can be made, the following data and information must be obtained:



Comprehensive Exam – This includes your medical and dental histories, current condition of your teeth and gums and other oral health information.




Dental X-rays – Up to date images help the team evaluate tooth and bone structure.



 Diagnostic Study Models - Plaster models of your teeth are created to permit design and temporization of your implant-supported restoration.



3D Imaging – Often it is beneficial to complement conventional x-rays with 3D imaging of the jaw structure to optimize planning and placement of implants.

Communication of this information between our offices is facilitated by our use of digital imaging. Once these records are obtained and shared, the team can work together and with the patient to come up with a plan that is personalized to meet the patient’s desires. For more detailed information about implants at our office please visit our website’s Implant Information Page .