Do you have dental insurance? Good. You Don't? Good.

We work with most major dental insurance providers, filing electronic claims for our patients who have insurance. While we're not "in network," our fees are reasonable and we work hard to provide our patients with the best, most reasonable dental care available. 

And if you don't have dental insurance, don't worry.

We Welcome Uninsured Patients to our Houston Dental Practice!

Unfortunately, many insurance programs are essentially discount programs. Certainly, they benefit the insured, especially when they need major services. However, many of the more expensive services (crowns and implants, for example) are covered only partially.

Another unfortunate effect of dental insurance programs is that they encourage dental practices to design and deliver treatments based on how the insurers cover those services. This isn't necessarily good for patients.

For example, to satisfy insurance providers, the "standard" cleaning now takes about 20 minutes. Ask a hygienist how long it takes to do a good job cleaning someone's teeth and most will say 30-40 minutes.

That's how long we allow. Because we're not a "preferred" or in-network provider, we make sure our services make sense for our patients.  We don't rush through a procedure based on how long an insurance algorithm says it should take.

We also don't want to be told (by insurance companies) which dental labs to use. We know, based on years of experience, which labs are especially good at certain things, and we use those labs that provide the best results to our patients - not necessarily the ones that offer the lowest price. We won't compromise our standards when it comes to your dental care.  

You Should Feel Comfortable Talking About Dental Fees

We work for our patients, not their insurance providers. Whether you have insurance or not, you deserve to know how we charge for services. Please don't hesitate to ask questions about fees when you call to schedule an appointment, or when you're in the office. 

 I want to provide the very best, personal dentistry in Houston. That means I do what is in my patients' best interest, not necessarily what is best for a particular insurer. -- Dr. Jeff Tollett