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Jeff Tollett, DDS - Taking Care of Cavities in Memorial, TX

Although few parents realize the number-one reason kids don’t go to school is tooth pain, most do parents do everything they can to help their kids avoid cavities. But adults, too, should focus on the basic dental care they need to avoid a cavity. In our Memorial TX dental office, we focus on taking care of the “little” things - like cavities - so they don’t become bigger problems.

Dr. Jeff Tollett is your Houston Personal Dentist, providing personalized dental care for kids and adults in our Memorial-area office. Contact us today.

A Cavity in a Baby Tooth - So What?

Sealing primary teeth is a great way to reduce the number of cavities a young person gets, and that single step can set the child on the road to a lifetime of dental health.

While some school “traveling” dentists offer sealants and the programs do provide generally good results, there are some finer points to the sealant application procedure that are better handled in an unhurried clinical setting.

Because a cavity in a primary tooth left untreated can cause problems for the adult teeth, it’s important to take care of those baby teeth as well as the adult mouth.

Just as important, developing good dental care habits in early childhood that will carry over to adult dental care means healthier teeth and gums, for life.

Focus on Family Dental Care in our Memorial TX Dental Office

While many practices like to label themselves “pediatric dentists,” a family-focused dental practice holds many advantages for patients of all ages. In Dr. Jeff Tollett’s Memorial TX office, the professional staff sees a wide variety of patients and keeps well-informed about dental care for all ages and stages of dental health.

And cavity prevention is important for all of them. No one is immune from cavities! A cavity is an infection, which can lead to inflammation. While every cavity starts out small, each has the potential to become a much larger problem.

From children who are excited about losing their first tooth, to young adults more interested in cosmetic dentistry than the basics of brushing, to the senior population that is often concerned about how prescription drugs can affect their dental health, Dr. Tollett and his staff see them all. And at some point, all patients get the same message: basic dental hygiene is the best defense against cavities.

Most of Dr. Tollett’s new patients in Memorial TX come to the practice because of recommendations from current patients. After all, dentistry is personal, and taking the time to care about a patient’s long-term dental health is not as common as we’d like to see.