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Jeff Tollett, DDS – Family Dentist for the Memorial Area of Houston, TX

Our goal is to offer the best, most appropriate dental care and treatment for each patient. That means you can expect personal attention, no-nonsense billing, and dentists and staff members who are always open to your questions. You can call it General Dentistry or Family Dentistry if you like; we call it Personal Dentistry.

Read on for more information about finding a family dentist in the Memorial area of Houston, TX, and then call or contact Dr. Tollett today!

Family Dentist Means Dentist for All Ages, Stages

Pediatric Dentists, Cosmetic Dentists, Painless Dentists – do you have to take your family when you visit a Family Dentist? Of course not.

Regardless of what marketing gurus say, we don’t think people choose a dentist because of the label on the practice door. However, labels do matter – and we thought long and hard about what type of practice we should be.

A family dental practice, we believe, offers optimal care for patients at any stage of life. From new baby teeth to caring for aging patients and others worried about keeping their teeth – or maybe even wondering whether implants or dentures are the best way to replace their teeth – a family dentist should be well-educated in the most ap

Our dental office, in Memorial TX, can rightly be called a Family Dentist. But more than who we care for, we think how we care for them is most important.

We Offer Personal Dentistry in Our Memorial TX Office

What does “Personal Dentistry” mean?

It means that we recognize that our patients are people, not insurance account numbers. That we offer individualized care and treatment plans to our patients. That we’re available to our patients for emergencies, anytime. That we work with them to make sure they understand their treatment options, payment options, and best long-term dental care programs to ensure their dental health.

We do that for all of our patients, who are of all ages - and most of them bring their families here for treatment. So, sure, we’re a Family Dentist office. But most of our patients just refer to us as “my dentist,” and we really like that too.

Feel free to contact Dr. Jeff Tollett, DDS, Dr. S. Christian Baum, DDS, and their staff in their Memorial TX office, by phone 713-622 –3240, or via email.