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Jeff Tollett, DDS - Memorial, TX -Area Dentist with a Personal Approach to Invisalign

Invisalign “invisible” braces are popular, and for good reason. They’re an affordable fix for many minor alignment problems, including crooked teeth and gaps. Dentists like them, too – not only are Invisalign braces fairly easy to apply to a patient’s teeth, they’re comfortable for patients, and at the end of a relatively short treatment period, the dentist and patient both get a great result: a happy smile.

Read on for more information about Invisalign, and then contact our office to get started on this affordable fix in our conveniently located office, in the Memorial section of Houston, TX>

What Invisalign Invisible Braces Can Do for You

Honest, genuinely caring dental health care is one of the core values of Dr. Jeff Tollett’s Memorial TX dental practice. The entire professional staff – including S. Christian Baum, DDS – is committed to offering what they call Personal Dentistry. That means offering the right treatment to each patient at the right time.  

What does that mean for someone who is self-conscious about crooked teeth? If we recommend Invisalign treatment, you can be sure that we’re sure it’s a good solution for you.

Dr. Jeff Tollett, DDS, his partner S. Christian Baum, DDS, address their patients’ cosmetic dentistry and other dental health questions in their Memorial TX office, by phone 713-622 –3240, and also answer questions via email.

The Houston (Memorial TX) practice is now accepting new patients, for general and cosmetic dentistry needs:


Overbite or Serious Misalignment? Recommendations from a Memorial TX Dentist

Over the years in our Memorial TX practice, we have gained considerable experience with Invisalign braces and frankly, we’ve evaluated other tooth-straightening options. We’re honest with our patients who are interested in fixing a crooked smile, or dealing with other cosmetic dental concerns, and we simply don’t recommend Invisalign for those who have serious overbites or “buck” teeth.

When we recommend Invisalign braces, we’re confident you’ll like the results – which means we will, too.

In our Memorial TX family dental practice, we don’t take lightly the decision to offer or recommend a particular product – our reputation is on the line each time we do, and more importantly, we know our patients expect us to offer the best, most professional dental advice possible.

Here, the short answers to some of the most commonly-asked questions about Invisalign braces. (Have longer questions? Want longer answers? Contact us.)

  • Some insurance plans cover a portion of Invisalign treatment
  • The braces are made of (safe) clear plastic – they really are “invisible”
  • They’re great for minor teeth movement; especially for straightening the front teeth and fixing gaps.