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Jeff Tollett, DDS, Can Take Care of Your Toothache in his Memorial TX Office

TV commercials and magazine ads focus on cosmetic dentistry and super-white smiles, but in our Memorial TX dental office, we know thing the more important dental health concerns –like toothaches – are the ones we need to address first.

Please read on for more information about toothaches, and then call or contact us to set up an appointment in our office - conveniently located in the Memorial section of Houston, TX.

Toothache: Temporary Pain or Major Problem?

It’s human nature: when you have a toothache, you probably wait to make an appointment with your dentist because you hope it will just go away. And that’s not crazy! Temporary tooth sensitivity can be very painful, and very short-lived – so a horrible pain that ebbs within a few minutes, lingers ever-so-slightly, and then goes away is probably OK to ignore.

But when you wake up the next day with a toothache…ignore it…and it’s still there the next evening, ignoring it is no longer “OK.”

At that point, it’s time to see a dentist. If you don’t, you may be officially in denial, and worse, at risk of a bigger problem.

Diagnosing Toothache Pain in Our Memorial TX Dental Office

Why do people put off seeing a dentist once the toothache is well established, and clearly not going away?

Mostly, it’s fear. Toothache pain isn’t for sissies, we know. But more than just the physical pain, it’s the fear of the unknown that often keeps people from making an appointment to see the dentist.

Here’s some very good news: Diagnosing toothache pain rarely causes pain. Patients in our Memorial TX family dental practice are often happy to realize that even treating the problem that caused the toothache in the first place is far easier than dealing with the pain the toothache caused.

What about the rest of the “pain?” Our patients are relieved to find our staff is very thorough and conscious about answering their questions about costs, insurance coverage, and long-term treatment options.

In our Memorial TX practice, we don’t want our patients to dread going to the dentist – so we do our best to help them eliminate the “unknown.” We strive to put them at ease, both about the toothache that might have brought them to the office in the first place, as well as about other dental health concerns and even payment questions.