A Family Dental Practice with a Personal Touch

“The majority of our patients come to us because another patient refers them. They value the level of care, personal commitment to their overall health, and the sincere dedication to treating patients right that they’ve experienced in our office.” – Dr. Jeff Tollett

This is a partial list of services we provide. Please understand that we see each patient as an individual, and we care for them as individuals. If you have any questions about your dental health or about a treatment, we want to address those questions with you. Please call us so we can discuss your dental health questions and concerns.

Dental Care for

Is anyone more important to you than your children?  Of course not. While we don’t label our office a pediatric dental practice, it is a family dental practice, and many of our patients are children.  We are parents too, so we understand kids’ dental health worries (theirs and yours) and we’ll help you provide the best, most reasonable dental health care for your whole family.

Our goal is to offer the best, most appropriate dental care and treatment for each patient. That means personal attention, no-nonsense billing, and dentists and staff who are always open to your questions. 

Family and Cosmetic Dentistry

Many of our patients seeking cosmetic dentistry solutions such as whitening, straightening, and veneers are happy to learn there are long-lasting, reasonably-priced options that do not harm their teeth.  Also (parents take note!) when your worries about dental care for children turn into concerns about older children or teens who swear they won’t smile until they have a professional bleaching or whitening appointment, don’t worry, we have good news for you.

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Learn More About Affordable Dental Care

Personal Dentistry means, in part, that we understand how your dental health affects not only your appearance and your outlook - and we also know that good, affordable dental care is important to your overall heath. Got questions? We’d be glad to answer them. You'll find Education and FAQ pages here on our site, and you can call 713-622-3240 to talk to a real, live (helpful!) person.

Visit our Blog, Services, or Education pages to learn about various options in cosmetic dentistry in Houston, or contact us directly with your questions about specific problems, procedures, or costs.