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Did you know the number-one reason kids don’t go to school is tooth pain? All the parents we know try, if at all possible, to avoid hearing that their child has a cavity. In our Uptown Houston TX family dental health practice, preventing cavities is a primary focus - and not just for children, but for our adult patients as well. That’s why we’re big on education, and we don’t rush patients through our office.

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Cavities: the Problem

“You want to start sealing teeth when molars come in. That’s a great way to reduce the number of cavities in a young person, and that can lead to a lifetime of dental health,” says Dr. Jeff Tollett. In fact, regular patients have probably heard him say that several times. (Possibly several times in the same visit!)

While Dr. Tollett is prone to repeating such (good) advice, he also enjoys surprising his young patients by telling them it’s OK to chew gum. (Yes, really!) And that an occasional soda won’t necessarily doom them to a cavity-prone set of teeth.

Once he’s got their attention, he’s also sure to repeat the familiar mantra about avoiding sticky sugary snacks and being dedicated to brushing, thoroughly, at least twice a day. There’s a reason that’s the most common advice offered regarding preventing cavities – it’s the best advice around, Dr. Tollett says.

More Cavity Advice from Uptown Houston TX Dental Office

Older adults visiting our office sometimes bring questions about how their prescription medications can affect their dental health. Still, Tollett says, the majority of the population is a little dubious about how some prescription drugs – most notably, blood pressure and thyroid medications – can affect saliva production and lead to dry mouth. So what? Dry mouth isn’t just an inconvenience, Dr. Tollett explains. Reduced saliva production can be the first step to developing new cavities.

In fact, many of the long-established patients we see in our Houston TX office are surprised to find out they have developed cavities after years of relatively few, if any, dental problems.