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Jeff Tollett, DDS - Uptown, Houston TX Dentist Recommends Invisalign, Sometimes

If you’re looking for a quick, easy way to fix some crooked front teeth, Invisalign “invisible” braces may be a great option for you. They’re an affordable way to remedy many minor alignment problems, including crooked teeth and gaps, and some insurance plans even pay for a significant portion of Invisalign treatment.

Because Invisalign braces are made from a (safe) clear plastic material, they really are very nearly invisible. After careful review in our Uptown Houston TX dental office, we decided to offer Invisalign braces to our patients who are interested in straightening their crooked smiles, and although we continuously review decisions about cosmetic treatment options, we remain happy with our selection of Invisalign.

Invisalign Invisible Braces Might be Good for You if…

Before we recommend a dental health treatment program – cosmetic or otherwise – we do our homework. Ask anyone who has been to our Uptown Houston TX office; we don’t rush our patients through a cleaning appointment, and we don’t rush them to make decisions about their dental health.

Our patients who are self-conscious about crooked teeth, or otherwise want to improve the appearance of their smiles, have generally given the matter quite a bit of thought. We will take the time to talk to them, and listen to them, before recommending Invisalign, or whitening, or any other cosmetic solution. So, when we recommend Invisalign to correct minor misalignments, you’ll know it’s a good solution for you.

A few paragraphs on the web can’t answer all your questions, but we can answer one that we hear often in our Uptown Houston office:

Yes – if you have a gap between your front teeth, your front teeth (top or bottom) are slightly turned and crooked – Invisalign can probably fix that.

And with Invisalign, it’s true – virtually no one will notice that you’re wearing braces.


Invisalign Consultations Available in Uptown Houston TX

We can say, sincerely, that in the history of our dental practice we have never pushed a patient to consider Invisalign braces if we didn’t truly believe they were an excellent choice.  When a patient tells us he or she would like to fix a crooked smile, or deal with other cosmetic dental concerns (like whitening) we don’t simply recommend Invisalign or any other solution by reflex.

Before we recommend Invisalign braces, we’ll schedule a consultation with you so we can get to know you and your mouth (if you’re not already a patient here – if you are, we already know you pretty well!) and we take the time to understand your goals.

We urge all of our patients – everyone, in fact – to research and understand their dental health care and other medical options before committing to any course of treatment. With that in mind, we are delighted when our patients consult with us in their decision-making process.

If you have questions about straightening or whitening your teeth and are looking for someone who takes your dental health as seriously as you do, please contact us in our Uptown Houston TX office.

Dr. Jeff Tollett, DDS, his partner S. Christian Baum, DDS, address their patients’ cosmetic dentistry and other dental health questions by phone 713-622 –3240 and via email.

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