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Jeff Tollett, DDS in Uptown, Houston, TX - All About Root Canals

We Texans may look tough, but two little words keep a lot of otherwise rational people from visiting a dentist in Uptown Houston TX. Ready?

Root Canal.

If you’re shaking in your boots or ready to turn tail and run (or click another page), stop. We’re not here to scare you. Our relaxed, friendly, professional dental office takes root canals, as well as other endodontic procedures and dental health care, very seriously. And we think root canals get an undeserved bad rap.

How Scary is a Root Canal?

First the bad news: when you need a root canal, you rarely have another ‘option.’ When the pulp that fills the tooth’s root canal is damaged or infected, saving the tooth requires a root canal procedure.

It’s not an emergency procedure, but putting off the treatment is a bad idea. Put off the root canal procedure or endodontic treatment that you need, and you’re likely to have increased pain and more infection, and eventually, you’ll probably find it’s necessary to extract the tooth.

Most of the patients in our Uptown Houston dental practice are surprised to find we do root canal procedures here in our office, probably because many dentists in general practice are not well schooled in the procedure. Although we don’t ‘specialize’ in root canal procedures (we like to think we specialize in healthy teeth!) we have the education and experience staff to handle the majority of cases when endodontic treatment is necessary.

If there is any doubt we can competently and comfortably complete the procedure, we do not hesitate to refer our patients to an endodontic specialist.

How our Uptown Houston TX Dental Office Helps Root Canal Patients

No one looks forward to having major dental work done. You’ve heard countless jokes with “I’d rather have a root canal” as the punch line. We understand, and that’s why we make every effort to ensure your visit to and treatment in our Uptown Houston TX office as comfortable and convenient as possible.

Of course, we always encourage our patients to visit us regularly and – even more important – to maintain good oral hygiene and home care. We do that because it’s the right thing to do, because it’s our job, and because we don’t like telling a patient, “it looks like you need a root canal procedure. ]

Our staff is sensitive to the concerns patients have when they hear those words – questions like “how much will this cost?” and “will I need to take a day or two off work?” are usually the first ones we hear.

The good news is, we are here to help, and we’re always open to your questions.

If you have a nagging dental concern, are worried about numbness, sudden pain, or sensitivity to hot or cold, don’t wait too long to call us.

Contact our Uptown Houston TX office, by phone 713-622 –3240, or via email. We’ll do all we can to answer your questions, and relieve your worries.