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Jeff Tollett, DDS - Taking Care of a Toothache in Uptown, Houston TX

It’s human nature to want to ignore toothache pain. Besides the fact that a toothache is just plain painful, a toothache can indicate you have a serious dental problem. Our Uptown Houston TX office doesn’t downplay the pain, and we aim to dispel the other fears that often accompany tooth pain.

Please read on for more information about toothaches, and then call or contact us to set up an appointment in our office - conveniently located in the Memorial section of Houston, TX.

Toothache: Minor Pain or Major Inconvenience?

Even our smartest, most health-conscious patients are guilty of it: they ignore a toothache, hoping it will just go away. That’s not entirely bad; some tooth sensitivity is incredibly painful, and it can come on very suddenly.  But when “temporary” tooth sensitivity lingers through more than a few meals, or a few days, it’s not temporary.

It’s a toothache, and ignoring it is a bad idea.

That’s when we hope our patients are smart enough to ignore that little voice that says, “it’s no big deal.” Because maybe it’s not a big deal – a small, very localized cavity can cause a lot of pain but be very quick and easy to remedy – and maybe the toothache will be a big deal if they ignore it for too long. 

We’ve heard a lot of justification for waiting from some of our Uptown Houston-area patients, but mostly what we hear is, “I’m glad I finally came in to have you look at this.”

Convenient, Friendly Uptown Houston TX Dental Office

While seeing a dentist regularly is the best way to avoid the pain of a toothache and the fear that can go along with the thought of a cavity or other dental problem, we understand most people just don’t live their schedule around regular dental checkups.

That’s why we make every effort to make appointments in our Uptown Houston TX office as convenient as possible. While we’re efficient – our longtime patients tell us that’s important – we don’t rush our patients through their exams. We take the time to focus on each patient, making the most of their time in the dental exam. After all, efficiency means doing the job well, without wasting time – not hurrying patients through to bill as many insurance plans as possible!  

Being thorough in our approach to every concern and minor pain our patients report means more of our patients can avoid toothaches and major dental problems – and that’s our goal, healthy mouths.